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The future of digital marketing in healthcare

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The future of digital marketing in healthcare

This week I sat down to interview Laura Hill + Tiffanie Smith to discuss the future of digital marketing in healthcare.

Tiffanie Smith, Marketing Coordinator

Why do healthcare businesses advertise on social media?

Marketing on social media provides a variety of benefits for any business, but especially in healthcare. From expanding brand awareness + loyalty, to just reaching new customers, social media opens up a world of opportunity that sets a business apart from the competition. Having the ability to also engage with your customers allows you to connect with your audience.

People are using less print marketing in their advertising strategy. Why do you think businesses are making that switch?

Digital marketing is the new normal for any business, including in healthcare. While allowing companies to reach their customers in real time, it also offers a range of opportunities to hit your target audience and increase customer engagement. Print marketing, however, does not yield many trackable results and is more costly. That said, there is still a place for print marketing. It just needs to be used more strategically.

Do you think emerging social media channels (ex: TikTok, Instagram, etc.) are the future for small businesses?

My answer is yes! Social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and especially TikTok are already making a huge impact on small businesses that want to market their products to those platforms. The future is very bright for social media healthcare marketing.

Laura Hill, Marketing Manager

According to a survey, Facebook is the most popular social media channel for businesses. Why do you think that is?

Facebook has a wide appeal and a base of approximately 2.9 million users. Users expect all companies to have a presence on Facebook and other social media sites. Healthcare companies must go where their audiences are so they don’t miss an opportunity to interact with potential customers. Businesses also select marketing channels based on the number of users their messaging and advertising will reach, making Facebook a great platform to build brand awareness. The more informational, educational and promotional content a company provides on its Facebook page or through advertising, the more credible the company is perceived to be by its customers. Companies can also interact with their customers in a variety of ways.

Businesses in healthcare can also interact in a variety of ways on Facebook through advertising, messages, posts, photos, events and more, which increases the chance of interacting with the customer in a way the customer actually prefers. With a base of almost 3 million people, there is no doubt Facebook will continue to be a popular social media channel among companies and their marketing teams.

What channels does your company use for digital marketing? Social media, email marketing, video advertising,etc.?

At KNB, we use content marketing, pay-per-click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), video ads, email marketing and social media marketing. We market KNB, but we also create, execute and measure digital marketing campaigns for our clients. It is important to use every channel we have at our disposal to reach potential clients and to reach our clients’ target audiences.


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