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Importance of Establishing Brand Voice for Healthcare Marketers

By Meredith Wishart

It should come as no surprise that many companies make the fallacious mistake of pushing brand voice development to the bottom of the barrel. Oftentimes, those involved in branding have the common misconception that a brand voice will develop by itself. When in retrospect, it needs attention and workshopping like any other element in your marketing strategy. Taking the time to develop a brand voice will elevate and expand the reach of your marketing efforts. 

A brand voice will decide how the efforts of your company will be perceived by your publics. It reveals brand personality and an overall mission, granting the power to attract an audience, or adversely push them away. 

Carefully craft and cultivate a brand voice that aligns with your company's goals, as it serves to provide an initial impression. Whether it be from your company's website, social media appearance, or physical products, a clear voice should be felt throughout. 

Specifically for healthcare and health tech marketers, establishing a consistent brand voice will establish yourself as knowledgeable and trustworthy. Generating a positive perception in the minds of consumers in regards to your brand will increase the likelihood of them using your services. With the healthcare industry being so immense, consumers have an array of options to select from for marketing services. Curating a memorable brand voice will elevate your company to the top of the list. 

Keep these tips in mind when creating and implementing brand voice: 

  1. 1. Understand your audience : 

In the world of healthcare and health tech, we target audiences with distinct characteristics. Spanning from innovative to compassionate, individuals in this space hold certain values close that must be deliverable and felt by marketing services. 

  1. 2. Align brand voice with your mission statement 

With your mission statement defining your company's values and goals, it often reflects an innovative nature. Develop a brand voice that reflects these goals and makes your audience excited about your healthcare and health tech aspirations. 

  1. 3. Follow your style guide 

A consistent style guide is the secret to consistent marketing efforts. Align your brand voice with your styling efforts to ensure brand consistency from writing to styling. Healthcare and health tech companies are detail oriented, and will look for this when selecting marketing strategies. 

4. Revise brand voice over time 

Just like any other element in your marketing strategy, brand voice needs to be revised over time. Companies mature over time, and the voice of your efforts must reflect this. New healthcare discoveries are being made each day, and require to be spoken on in an appropriate manner. Showing that your brand has grown and improved over time will attract and gain the respect of your audience. 

A brand voice directly impacts how your target audience views your brand. In the world of healthcare and health tech, the quality and perception of your company will set you apart from competitors. 

by Meredith Wishart

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