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KNBingo: Women's History Month edition (part 2)

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This is part 2 of the KNBingo: Women's History Month edition 2024. Click on the link below to read part 1.


The significance of Women's History Month cannot be overstated. It is a time dedicated to acknowledging the achievements, struggles, and contributions of women across the ages. This month serves as a poignant reminder of the indispensable role women have played in molding our societies, pushing forward rights and opportunities, and shattering barriers across various domains. By bringing these contributions to light, Women's History Month does more than just honor the past; it inspires future generations to persist in the fight for equality and justice. KNB Communications stands firmly committed to these ideals, integrating the principles of equality and inclusiveness into every facet of its operations. Through active promotion of awareness, education, and celebration of women's achievements—both internally and in its broader community activities—KNB Communications demonstrates its unwavering dedication to creating a space where the contributions of all are recognized and where equality reigns supreme.

For Women's History Month, the team at KNB Communications took part in a fun and educational game called KNBingo. Here's how it worked: Every team member received a special bingo card filled with different tasks. These tasks were all about celebrating, honoring, and discovering more about the important contributions of women throughout history. Everyone completed their assigned activities and then shared what they learned and felt during the process. It was a unique way to engage with Women's History Month and learn something new!

Jeff Rusack-1


Jeff Rusack

Media Relations Manager

  • Educate yourself on the history of women in medicine.
  • Follow journalists who focus on women's issues and support their work.

Which task or action did you enjoy the most, and why?

Educating myself on the history of women in medicine. I started at the beginning (well, Egypt) and, as one does, found one woman particularly interesting and read more in depth about her. At first, I wanted to read more about Hildegard of Bingen because she has an awesome name. But as it turns out, she was also pretty awesome. She’s known for her work in documenting holistic and natural healing. She was alive in the 11th century, and it’s truly amazing she was able to accomplish as much as she did at a time when women had so few rights. 

Did participating in any of the activities lead to a new hobby, interest, or professional pursuit? 

An interest, yes. As a journalist, my studies included the history of journalism and the key players who helped shape the current state of journalism, but I haven’t looked enough into the history of medicine and healthcare, no matter the gender of the history makers. Seeing the great work so many women have done over the centuries makes me want to delve further into this history and maybe develop a better sense of how past discoveries are impactful today. 

Did you discover any new female role models or inspirations as you completed your activities? Who are they, and why do they inspire you?

Elizabeth Blackwell, MD. She was the first registered medical doctor in the U.S. After being rejected from countless medical schools, she was finally accepted to one in Geneva, NY. The board of admissions accepted because they believed her application was a prank. I’m glad they did. 

How has completing the activities influenced you, your actions, or your attitudes? 

Looking back at the history of women in medicine, and realizing all the challenges they had to overcome was enlightening. It was a great reminder of how far women have come to have their voices heard and respected. It was also a reminder that we’re not they’re yet. The fact that gender pay inequality is still a problem is mind blowing and unacceptable.

Corrie Fisher-1

Corrie Fisher

Public Relations Manager

  • Share info about women's health services in your community
  • Highlight women-owned businesses on your social media
  • Promote products that support women's rights + health
  • Follow + engage with women in PR on social media

Did participating in any of the activities lead to a new hobby, interest, or professional pursuit? 

I tune in weekly to the Mel Robbins podcast (Mondays + Thursdays) while walking my dog to the beach. I’ve been inspired by Mel’s stories, listening to her own challenges and lessons learned throughout her life, both personally and professionally. She’s a strong advocate for women and leads by example for her two daughters. She has provided me with advice that has both challenged me and helped me recognize my own strengths and areas for improvement. I’ve implemented many changes in my life since listening to the podcast and developed a new hobby to positively kick off my mornings during the week. 

What was the most surprising thing you learned about while completing the activity or activities?

Earlier this month I visited my doctor who shared with me the number of women she’s treated in their 30s that were diagnosed with breast cancer. Working in healthcare and representing clients who do work in the cancer space, I’m surrounded by news related to the rise in cancer cases. However, when having a discussion with your own clinician on this topic certainly makes you see things from a different perspective and encourages you to take action. This is why it’s very important to see your clinician yearly.

Did you discover any new female role models or inspirations as you completed your activities? Who are they, and why do they inspire you?

I follow one health and wellness influencer on TikTok named Gracie Norton. She showcases the types of foods she eats throughout the month based on the week / cycle phase. I would consider myself a fairly healthy eater, but learned a lot about the types of foods most beneficial to women during the course of the month. It’s also made food shopping a lot easier and less stressful!

After completing the activities, how do you intend to inspire or encourage others to engage in similar activities or actions? 

I have directed several people within my network to tune into the Mel Robbins podcast. I believe her podcast can really help inspire someone having a tough time or needing to find their own clarity, both personally and professionally. 

Looking back on the entire experience, what would you say was the most valuable lesson you learned about women’s history, feminism, and / or advocating for women’s rights? 

A friend of mine recommended a book written by Holly Whitaker called “Quit Like a Woman”. The book talks about alcohol’s history as archaic, patriarchal, and ineffective for the unique needs of women and other historically oppressed people. It was eye-opening to learn about this one woman’s journey and experience with alcohol and the history of alcohol and its impact on women. I was surprised to learn that recovery programs and other services back in the day were not available to women!



Amy Roberts-1



Amy Roberts

Vice President of Communications + Client Services

  • Donate to organizations supporting women's health 
  • Highlight women-owned businesses on your social media
  • Educate yourself on the gender pay gap in the marketing industry
  • Volunteer your PR skills to a women's rights organization
  • Follow journalists who focus on women's issues + support their work

Which task or action did you enjoy the most, and why?

Donating and volunteering for Planned Parenthood. I know my donation helps close the gap between those who have access to healthcare and those who do not, and the dollars I contribute help provide greater access to reproductive healthcare and promote a commonsense approach to sexual and reproductive health and well-being, based on respect for each individual's right to make informed, independent decisions about health, sex, and family planning. 

Can you share a story about a specific moment or interaction that was particularly impactful for you during this challenge? 

As a proud supporter of Planned Parenthood, I’m often questioned [attacked] by those who have bought into a false narrative about the organization. Living in Utah — a very conservative state — the misconceptions about Planned Parenthood are rampant. But the unfortunate overturning of Roe, and now the extreme embryo ruling in Alabama, have started a dialogue many weren’t willing to engage in prior. 

Recently, I’ve been able to have respectful conversations about what the organization actually does, explain how religious freedom and reproductive freedom are morally complex issues that cannot be treated with a “one-size-fits-all” solution, and help shift opinion.

How do you plan to continue supporting women’s health, achievements, and rights beyond Women’s History Month? 

Being a feminist isn’t a one-month out-of-the-year commitment. I’ll continue to vote for candidates who support a woman’s right to choose, donate to causes that advance women’s healthcare, and volunteer for organizations that advocate for equality.

Lilah Epstein-1

Lilah Epstein

Spring 2024 Intern

  • Follow + amplify female healthcare professionals on social media
  • Promote products that support women's rights + health
  • Critique + discuss ads that portray women in empowering roles

Which task or action did you enjoy the most, and why?

I really enjoyed discussing advertisements that portray women in empowering roles. I chose to have this conversation with my family, and it was inspiring to hear of all the ads that positively impacted each of them and left a lasting impression. The advertisement I shared, and one of my favorite advertisements, is a French commercial from the telecom company Orange. The commercial starts off as a typical sports advertisement showing a highlight reel of male soccer players. However, halfway through the commercial the montage is revealed to be a deepfake in which male soccer players' faces were superimposed on the bodies of female soccer players. The advertisement does an amazing job demonstrating how women’s soccer can be just as exciting as men’s, and the women’s team should be celebrated equally. In a long fight for equality in sports, this ad supporting women athletes truly left its mark. 

Did participating in any of the activities lead to a new hobby, interest, or professional pursuit? 

As a senior in college, I have been spending a lot of time contemplating my professional goals and searching for a job to take on after graduation. After completing the bingo task of researching/promoting products that support women’s health, I have begun to dive deeper into the healthcare field and have found myself looking for open positions at companies and clinics focused on supporting women.

Were there any tasks that prompted you to engage in discussions about gender equality or women’s rights with friends, family, or colleagues? What was the like? 

The bingo task of promoting products that support women’s rights and health sparked many interesting conversations among me and my seven college roommates. We discussed the different tones and themes we see in advertisements for women’s products compared to men’s and addressed how we felt these various marketing techniques influenced our perception of gender roles.

Did you discover any new female role models or inspirations as you completed your activities? Who are they, and why do they inspire you?

One female role model I discovered through completing the bingo activities is Betsy Grunch, aka @ladyspinedoc. Betsy creates really entertaining social media content on TikTok, Instagram, and other platforms, showcasing her life as a neurosurgeon, mom, and colleague. She shares a great combination of informational medical videos, her experience being a woman in a  leadership role, as well as silly videos with her family - she really does it all!   

How has completing the activities influenced you, your actions, or your attitudes? 

While I have been incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by supportive friends and family throughout my life, completing the bingo card activities reminded me that there is still a lot of work to be done in uplifting women’s voices around the world and supporting their aspirations. As I continue through my professional career, I really hope that I am able to take on a leadership role in an effort to mentor girls younger than me, and help them pave a path towards success. 


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