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How to Measure the Success of Healthcare PR

By Paige Rossi

Healthcare PR is a metric-driven and goal oriented industry aimed at developing successful campaigns for healthcare clients. Key performance indicators (KPIs) are used to measure audience engagement with social media platforms and articles-- and ultimately a basis to show how well the content performed with the audience. However, KPIs do not always tell the whole story of how a healthcare client’s media presence is viewed by their audience. Instead, it is best to maintain a holistic approach to healthcare public relations for improved brand awareness and growth. Below are three tips for measuring the success of healthcare PR campaigns besides relying on KPIs. 

1. Understand the Ultimate Goal for a Client

Healthcare PR is driven by the client’s goal. KPIs can be useful in analyzing certain aspects of growth; but, it is important to recognize that not all KPIs are worth analyzing every time. Certain KPIs may be more useful than others to analyze healthcare PR campaign success because they directly relate to the client’s goal (e.g. growing on Twitter, achieving a higher open rate on email newsletters, or increasing awareness at a healthcare conference). Healthcare PR professionals should understand which KPIs directly support their goals and take time to ensure those KPIs are strong in order to truly measure the success of the healthcare public relations campaign. 

healthcare PR goals and KPIs

2. Develop New Specific KPIs

As a healthcare public relations professional, it is necessary to accommodate each client’s requirements. Therefore, it may be helpful to develop custom KPIs for each client based on their objectives. For example, if a client in healthcare wants to expand into the health tech industry, it could be helpful to develop a KPI that counts new health tech journalist connections or new health tech publication connections. Even though “new media connections” are not standard KPIs used in the healthcare PR industry, they are a good measure of success in this instance. Specific KPIs can calculate individualized success in a healthcare PR campaign because they focus on the client’s distinct goals.

KPI analytics for PR campaign

3. Analyze in the Context of a Project

In a healthcare PR campaign, the content can be widespread across the world, country, city, town, or even a specific campus or building. There is such a wide range of markets that healthcare PR clients are interested in. It is important to measure the success of a healthcare PR campaign by analyzing the KPIs in context with the scale of the market. For example, if the campaign is worldwide, the KPIs will likely be larger than a local campaign  For this reason, a smaller KPI does not necessarily mean that the campaign is less successful. All healthcare PR professionals should analyze KPIs for their campaigns in respect to their target market in order to have a successful healthcare PR campaign. 

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by Paige Rossi

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