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Mental health study from OnlineTherapy finds that people prefer working from home

By Monica Manna

OnlineTherapy, an international directory that connects patients with therapists, conducted a study where it found that most people had better mental health working remotely rather than working in the office. OnlineTherapy results of the impact on mental health from working from home (WFH)

In a 1,000 participant study, two-thirds reported their mental health has improved since the work-at-home mandate began, a key factor being the better work-life balance (especially for parents). Up to 50% of participants even agreed to receiving a pay-cut if it meant they could remain working from home. In the future, two-thirds of employees believe employers should offer a work-from-home option.

OnlineTherapy results of seeking therapists while working from home

For those who did suffer mentally from working at home only 30% sought professional help. Interestingly enough, these participants said that the blurring of work-life balance was their greatest stressor and mental health deterrent. 65% of those who sought help claimed therapy improved their mental health. Regardless of who did and who did not seek out a therapist, 70% of surveyors agreed that post-pandemic employers should invest more in mental health resources.

If seeking mental health aid, you can find a therapist here or through the therapist matching tool, Betterhelp.


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by Monica Manna

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