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Healthcare marketers, have you done your spring cleaning?

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Who said spring cleaning doesn’t apply to healthcare marketing? Take a look at your computer, your files, or workspace around you. Does it feel cluttered?

The healthcare realm has had an endless amount of stressors this past year. Healthcare marketers had to take on a whole new approach to marketing in a completely virtual world, and health tech services have changed and advanced due to the pressures of COVID-19. It is important to declutter your workspace and headspace so that you can feel in control of your surroundings, assignments, and deadlines. Consequently, you will feel calmer as well. Here are three tips to start your spring cleaning:

Create a mindful space

It is all in the planning. Creating a mindful, stress free space might be overwhelming. The National Herald states, “a cluttered space is synonymous with a cluttered mind; something which doesn't bode well when working from home, having a mindful space helps with clearing our mind and organizing your thoughts.” For these reasons, tackling the pile of messy clothes or documents around you is a must.

Have you checked your desktop in awhile, or even your email inbox? Block out some time to go through your digital workspace that you never have the time to go through. Once you’ve set time apart, you will feel a lot better and refreshed heading into the next quarter.

To start the process, begin with planning. Create smaller goals and plan when you will accomplish them. Checking off each task will ultimately lead to a feeling of contentment.

Have boundaries

When in healthcare and passionate about helping others, there can be a tendency to put others first and put too much on your plate. The purpose of boundaries is to remember to prioritize yourself and avoid burnout.

Positive Psychology offers a system to establish boundaries. First, define the boundary you are seeking to create. For example, saying no to extra work on projects and learning how to say no when you have other priorities. Next, communicate what your boundaries are. There is no need to over explain -- keep it simple. Lastly, acknowledge why this boundary is important to you, your relationship, etc. Read more about boundaries and how to set them here.

Consider the Pareto Principle

What’s the Pareto principle? The Pareto principle is based on an 80%, 20% rule. 80% of results stem from 20% of action which can be applied professionally and personally. At work, it is a good idea to consider which efforts reap the most rewards, or make your work more efficient and effective. What 20% of action is the most beneficial and effective in achieving your goals? At home, this could mean hiring someone to fix your dishwasher instead of trying to fix it yourself. The small action of calling a mechanic will give you the fastest, best results. In marketing, Entrepreneur magazine states that 80% of content marketing stems from 20% of your content. Ultimately, quality over quantity.

Try some of these techniques and contact us through Twitter (@KNBcomm) or below to communicate your results!


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