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NEW LinkedIn Newsletters: Worth the Time for Your Healthcare Business?

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With the news of LinkedIn’s Stories feature shutting down September 30, 2021, healthcare industry leaders may be wondering how to stand out to their audience on LinkedIn. While LinkedIn Stories burned fast and perhaps not-so-brightly, LinkedIn’s newsletter feature has been quietly working for market front-runners since its soft rollout in 2020. Like many newsletters available, the purpose of the newsletter feature is to allow creators to regularly publish their professional subject matter in bite-sized pieces. Newsletter authors can invite all of their connections and followers to subscribe, who will then receive direct notifications with each published newsletter. Since the newsletter is subscription-based, subscribers will be those who are actively interested in the author or author’s topic, thereby improving engagement levels.

LinkedIn’s Limitations

While the newsletter feature is a great tool for asserting expertise in a field or topic, there are limitations to publishing on LinkedIn. Not every user has been granted the ability to publish a newsletter. LinkedIn has only extended the ability to a limited number of users since launching. These users have the ability to publish as individuals, not directly as their business or organization. If you do have the ability to publish a newsletter, your account is only allowed to maintain a single newsletter at a time. In the case that you create and delete a newsletter, you may not be able to start from scratch on a new publication. Additionally, while publishing regularly is a key strategy in any newsletter, LinkedIn limits newsletter publishing to one article per twenty-four hour period, so posting daily is the maximum.

So, is it worth it?

We have recommended this feature to a few key health tech executives who have an established presence on the platform. It’s a great way to build thought leadership and stay connected to the community you’ve built. 

Newsletter Best Practices

Before you press publish, make sure you can keep up with these best practices for LinkedIn newsletters. Use a clear newsletter title and catchy headlines for each newsletter edition, like The Future of Digital Health, which focuses on current digital technology trends in healthcare. Subscribers should be able to understand the newsletter’s focus easily. Make use of images--include a unique newsletter logo and choose an engaging cover photo for each article, like The Latest on Business, Behavior, and the Brain’s recent publishings. Finally, as with any newsletter, make consistent publishing a priority. Whether daily or monthly, regularity is a must. 

Think your brand would benefit from launching a LinkedIn newsletter?

Consistently publishing a LinkedIn newsletter can help establish you and your brand as a reliable resource in your field. LinkedIn newsletters are a great opportunity to generate engagement or even leads, but they’re not right for everyone. KNB Communications can help you determine whether LinkedIn newsletters are right for you and your business goals. Give us a call today!


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