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Sync Up Your Slumber: 3 New Technologies Designed to Improve Your Sleeping Habits

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There have been many advancements in technology that hold great potential to improve the quality of the average Americans sleep habits. Here are three new innovations in the healthcare-tech world that have a chance to enhance our rest rather than hinder it- batteries not included.

Blue Light Glasses

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If you work in an office space, odds are you have already heard about blue light blocking glasses. A big trend in the cubicle club this Summer, blue light glasses are being offered by many brands, including Warby Parker. These frames come equipped with the technology to reduce the chances of retina damage for those who find themselves often staring at a computer screen. You might be thinking to yourself, My eyes feel perfectly fine, and I’m always on my phone or don’t we already get exposure from the sun? For one, the reality is in the numbers- the average office worker spends nearly 1,700 hours in front of a computer screen over the course of a year. And yes, our eyes do interact with light waves from the sunlight, but the concerning part is the amount of artificial blue light we expose our eyes to after the sun goes down. After the sun sets, our bodies start to produce melatonin- or at least they’re supposed to. These days, we trick our bodies into remaining awake as the blue light exposure keeps us alert. You don’t stare at the sun, but you do stare at your screen. Personally, I have a pair of these specs in my Amazon shopping cart and think you should too.

Bonus tip: The 20-20-20 rule. When working on your computer at work, watching a movie, or having a Skype date with a friend far away, make the conscious decision to, every 20 minutes, look away at an object at least 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds. Doing so will naturally give your retinas the break they deserve and you just might sleep better because of it.

The Lumos Smart Mask

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This product is great for all frequent flyers, especially those who forgo sleep and take a red-eye flight. The Lumos Tech Smart Sleep Mask uses light therapy to mitigate issues that accompany jet lag. Light sensitive cells in our brains regulate our circadian rhythm. These light cells essentially remind our bodies when we should be sleeping and when we should be awake. The Lumos mask is worn over the eyes similarly to a sleeping mask. While the current model available is on the bulky side, it is safe to say that it won’t be this way forever as technology is constantly slimming itself down and becoming more convenient over time. With the help of light therapy, users can simply wear the mask and absorb 3-millisecond flashes of light to simulate a 4-hour time adjustment, 4 times as quickly as the body naturally is capable of doing. In case you were wondering how to know how much light to expose yourself to, with the Lumos app, the user simply fills in their flight information and the technology takes care of the rest.

The Eight Sleep Mattress

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Many of us use our Alexa device for alarms, music, and quick questions. But the possibilities are endless when it comes to ways your Alexa device can improve your lifestyle. The Eight Sleep Mattress connects with your Alexa so you can ask her how well you slept the night before as the product monitors and measures your nightly sleep habits. Once it has collected enough data, you can ask your Alexa for personalized advice on how to improve your slumber. The Eight Sleep Mattress also comes equipped with a smart alarm that is able to wake you when you are at your lightest stage of sleep, lessening grogginess and discomfort. The mattress can also change the temperature of your bed on command and has the option to customize dual zones for those sharing a bed with a partner.

These developments are exciting to keep track of because they show us how new innovations in technology have the capability to improve our lives tremendously. Don't forget to check back here for more healthcare technology updates.


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