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Healthcare Professionals: Are You Paying Enough Attention to Cybersecurity?

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There has been a lot of talk about cybersecurity, and all the buzz is definitely for good reason. As the cyber world becomes more immediate in our everyday lives, threats and the risk of hackers accessing private information grow as well. The possibility of businesses experiencing cyber attacks is a heavy burden for the healthcare industry to bear.

Countless individuals are at risk of having their private health information stolen or even leaked. Thus, the topic of cybersecurity has grown across all sectors especially those dealing directly with data.

Read on and learn how YOU can be more prepared and communicate the importance of cybersecurity with your team.


There’s a Big Target On Your Back

Healthcare providers have a magnitude of personal information at their fingertips at all times. So when it comes to this particular industry, hackers feel like kids in a candy store. There is no other market more valuable than the healthcare market due to the level of vulnerability of patient data. Individuals have always released the necessary information in order to get the care that they need, and they trust that this information will not go beyond their providers and their practices. However, the healthcare industry experiences the most cybersecurity attacks out of every other industry. Ever since 2015, when over 100 million healthcare records and files were accessed across the country, the awareness of cybersecurity and the resulting desire of professionals to try to combat it and protect themselves is on the rise.

Even with awareness increasing, some healthcare professionals still aren't taking precautions to ensure privacy. ABI Research, a company dedicated to providing extensive research on topics like blockchain, digital security, and AI, estimates that investments in cybersecurity from the healthcare industry will only amount to $10 billion across the world by the year 2020. Leaders in healthcare have put cybersecurity on the back-burner for a long time and may be neglecting to educate themselves on the issue, but are now noticing that a lack of security could pose a huge threat to their careers.

It Is Getting More and More Difficult To Catch Hackers

Hackers like to play hide and seek, and they are extremely good at it. In cyberspace, it extremely easy for hackers to use certain tools to hide their identities and stay hidden. They utilize viruses and other tactics to penetrate through multiple computers and access information. This thickens their capes of disguise and makes it so even if an attack is traced down to a specific computer, this one device might not have anything to do with the individual who actually orchestrated it. Thus, looking for a hacker is essentially like searching for a needle in a haystack. As the depths of the internet grow deeper with time, hackers will become increasingly more difficult to weed out. The ability to remain disguised will only lead to more cybercrime across the world as time goes on.

How You Can Take Precautions

At KNB, we want your practices, as well as your patients, to be protected at all times. You can take measures to maintain privacy by monitoring employee team access to company data or passwords, keeping WiFi networks secure, and installing anti-virus software. As a professional in the industry most threatened by cyber attacks, you should always be educating yourself on different methods you can use to ensure the cybersecurity of your business.

Patients trust you with their information. Take the time to get advice and learn from professionals in the digital security field and you'll be well on your way to making cybersecurity a priority in your career.

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