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The 5 best new LinkedIn features for healthcare marketers

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The new LinkedIn features for 2022

35+ new features were released on LinkedIn this year, from repost features to emoji-like reactions. It’s important to stay up to date with a platform's technology to ensure you reach your audience in the most effective way possible. Here are the five best new features you can use to benefit your healthcare marketing company.

  1. Share outside LinkedIn

    Think of a friend who may use Facebook but not LinkedIn; you can now share something they may love from the LinkedIn platform. The share outside LinkedIn feature allows you to share your or another user's content to a different platform such as Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

    This feature also gives you the option to copy and share a link to the post. You can now share helpful content to a wider audience that may not get information from LinkedIn. Increasing exposure to your content is always a good thing. . . Always make sure your healthcare content is available on numerous platforms.
  2. Live and replays

    Live video is an increasingly popular marketing tool that is more effective at engaging your audience. In fact, 80% of users would rather watch a live video than read a blog.

    The new live video and replay LinkedIn feature allows users to host live events in real-time. After the live video is complete, its replays will show up in users’ feeds with a button to the host’s page. LinkedIn’s live video gives marketers a new way to engage with their audience in an immediate and authentic way.
  3. Funny reactions

    , People want more entertaining content and less of the dry stuff, even on a professional platform like LinkedIn The new funny reactions feature provides a way to convey that a post made you laugh or smile in a light-hearted yet professional way.

    If you see a post that makes you smile (maybe a puppy meme), don’t be afraid to use these emojis to express your feelings.

    Not only should you use these in your interactions on the platform, but you should use this to inform your healthcare content marketing strategy. Don’t be afraid to make your posts light-hearted and funny.
  4. Creator analytics

    It is now easier than ever to see what content works for what audience. The update on the analytics features on LinkedIn allows for deeper analytics on all content (for those who have creator mode turned on).

    Updated creator analytics are all about filtering. You can filter by impressions or demographic sub-filters for job title, region, and more. Utilizing these free analytics will help guide your marketing strategy by determining what’s working, what changes need to be made, and how to improve ROI.
  5. Audio events

    .Audio is making a big comeback thanks to smart speakers and mobile devices. The new LinkedIn audio events update lists the events in chronological order on the My Network page.

    This feature makes audio content, like podcasts, more accessible than ever. In Veeva Crossix’s 2022 Trends in Health Advertising report, there was a 50% increase in the number of campaigns using digital audio.

Test out these five new LinkedIn updates today, and start using them in your overall healthcare marketing strategy. For more information about using LinkedIn and other platforms for your social media marketing, check out our blog on how to grow your healthcare marketing company’s brand on social media.


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