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Top 3 Tips for Optimizing Healthcare Marketing Ads

By Lily Tofel

Google receives 3.5 billion search queries a day, making it the ideal platform for running health tech marketing ad campaigns. To make the platform even more enticing, Google states that advertisers make $8 for every $1 spent on Google Ads. However, it can be easy for health tech campaigns to be pushed down to the bottom of Google search pages, as there are thousands of other healthcare marketing competitors also advertising through Google Ads. To avoid this, health tech marketers must optimize each campaign to maximize Google Ads ROI and drive website traffic.


1. Track Impression Data

  • Add the column “Search Lost IS” in Ad groups. This gives the percentage of time an ad does not display. A higher percentage of lost impression indicates that change will be necessary.
  • Use an optimization tool. SEISO diagnoses challenges in ads and estimates the potential growth of health tech marketing campaigns.
  • Document the data to learn what is working or what is not working.

2. Improve Quality Score

  • Boost the quality score of health tech campaigns to increase click-through rates. The quality score ranks each keyword used in the advertisement in order to measure the relevance and quality of health tech ads.
  • Organize keywords into smaller groups to target a specific healthcare audience.

3. Try Different Keywords

  • Experiment with various keywords to see which words lead to greater quality scores and CTR. Here is a list of healthcare marketing keywords.
  • Avoid health tech keywords that are too broad. Choosing specific keywords prevents ads from reaching the wrong audience, which results in fewer clicks and a higher ad spend.
  • Be patient. Keep tweaking keywords to find what works best for the target audience.

Want even more tips? Check out a list of 25 tips for Google Ads here.

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by Lily Tofel

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