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Top 8 Takeaways From INBOUND 2021

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Inbound 2021 is a Hubspot virtual event that includes 3 days of breakout sessions, keynote speakers, interactive activities, and more! Below are some key takeaways that I learned from this exciting conference:

  1. Video marketing is super beneficial for sales enablement

    Videos are a great way to key up the messaging by providing the ability to show rather than tell.

  2. Email marketing myth: bookend emojis are a current trend

    Adding emojis at the beginning and end of a subject line increases the open rate of emails.

  3. Commit to establishing healthy boundaries with your client

    Understanding the need of the client and effective communication is crucial.

  4. Track and score your calls back into Google ads

    Use call tracking services to analyze and score important quality leads as conversions into Google ads.

  5. Become the most trusted voice in your space by providing trusted content

    Establish yourself as the thought leader in your industry by educating your audience with valuable knowledge.

  6. Use account-based marketing to drive growth

    Segment and create account groups to ensure the right audience is receiving the right message.

  7. Learn when to let a client go

    If you have toxic clients and you do not fire them, you are telling your team that the revenue is more important than your team’s happiness

  8. Lead with compassion

    This crucial leadership skill strengthens and mentors employees, while also allowing them to grow by setting them on a path to success.

Tiffanie Smith

Education: B.A. in Journalism with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing from Georgia State University; Digital Marketing Certification from University of South Florida. Professional background: Tiffanie has five years of experience as a marketing professional. Her specific niche is in digital marketing, project management and social media. Tiffanie is responsible for all internal and external marketing initiatives for KNB Communications. She also runs the award-winning intern program. Expertise: Digital marketing, social media and project management. Jeopardy Fact: Tiffanie is very passionate about blogging and writing on personal topics to motivate individuals to succeed in their every day lives. She also loves nature and traveling, and she is a big time movie goer.


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