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Pick-your-own gift giving for account-based marketing campaigns

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Account-based marketing in healthcare

Account-Based Marketing involves the collaboration of the marketing and sales functions to tailor every aspect of the buying experience for high-value accounts in B2B marketing. Also known as key account marketing, ABM creates the opportunity for efficiency by prioritizing valuable prospects. 

ABM is not a brand-new concept, but it has evolved and resurfaced stronger than ever with advances in technology. It's especially seen a lot of traction recently in the B2B health tech sector, where there are very high value prospects, niche audiences, and long sale cycles that require multiple touch points.

While it may be tempting to utilize a more broad marketing approach and try to sell to as many companies as possible, a more targeted approach will result in better ROI for healthcare marketing efforts. Investing more time in the most valuable and viable prospects means that marketing resources can be better put to use. Quality, not quantity, is the name of the game when it comes to key account marketing.

Ultimately, you are building a trusted relationship with your prospect, based on their needs and your ability to satisfy them. An individualized approach like ABM demonstrates your understanding and prioritization of the prospect, which ultimately strengthens loyalty.

Gift-giving as a relationship-builder

So, how can gift giving successfully play into an ABM strategy? With a valuable client experience being extremely personalized in all other aspects, it’s only logical to continue that customization into physical promotion tactics. As the pandemic continues to limit in-person connection, mailing a gift provides a temporal experience that allows brands to forge a strong connection with the recipient.

Like key account marketing, gift-giving has evolved significantly in recent years. Gifts are becoming less branded and more upscale. With ABM, marketers have the opportunity to make gift-giving an exceptionally creative and meaningful experience. Sharing a customized gift does not necessarily have to require a significant time investment. Forward-thinking gift sites like Sugarwish and Goody have emerged to aid in gift personalization by adding an element of choice into the gift for the recipient. However you decide to delight your prospects in ABM, any gift you offer should mirror (and ultimately enhance) the highly-personalized relationship you are building.


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