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Top SEO Video Tips To Boost Your Ranking

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Top SEO Video

Video content is insanely popular on social media. When you scroll through your timeline, you must’ve seen those short compelling videos. Everyone loves watching it as it provides them fast information compared to traditional content like articles.

In this digital era, marketers use video content to attract the audience when promoting the product. Unsurprisingly, the strategy works, and more people enjoy the content to the fullest as they can easily engage with videos one click away.

Marketers often call this tactic video marketing, which is purposely used to run a marketing campaign online. Video marketing has become the top choice when it comes to delivering promotional messages in an entertaining way.

Video marketing can form in many shapes depending on the goal of your campaign. An explainer video is a part of this marketing strategy that aims to deliver the brand's values through compelling animated characters. In comparison, another video marketing type, such as how-to videos, is projected to raise awareness in a short time.

The Importance of Video For SEO

Not only does online video deliver your message more effectively in no time, but it also adds an extra boost for your SEO strategy. It makes your pages much easier to be indexed by search engines crawlers. So, with a correct keyword, people can easily find out your video content on the internet. Here are how it benefits you:

Reach to a broader audience

Internet users love online videos. Watching videos on social media like YouTube has now become one of their daily routines.

This results in a staggering number of 82% traffic being made of videos. It suggests further that people like this type of content.

Video content is also shareable with one click. You can practically spend a few seconds sending the video to your friends, even on a different platform. This easiness allows people to spread the content faster and make it go viral. When this happens, your video has reached out to many viewers without you even realizing it.

Increase page rank

Videos help increase your SEO rank thanks to their complete descriptions. The search engine can quickly recognize your video content and place it on the result page when someone performs the query.

Having videos will help you land higher on the search engine. That's because Google spares a separate section to show video results. When you include videos on your site, the higher your chance is to get on the top result page.

Drives traffic

Getting a higher SEO position will benefit you a lot. Users will see your site as credible because Google won't let shady sites land on the first page. The higher your position is, the higher your chance of getting more traffic.

Incorporating video content can push your site to get identified by Google. And when your videos match what users are looking for, it becomes easier to be found. As a result, more people visit your site because you offer the information to what they seek.

Top SEO Video Tips For Business

Although having videos can significantly help your site get a better SEO rank, you need some work to get the result. Check out five SEO video tips to increase your chance of landing on the top search engine result page.

  1. Use attractive thumbnails

    Having eye-catching video thumbnails is a number one rule when it comes to enticing viewers. Without engaging thumbnails, people can drive away from you quickly. They don't expect any useful information from your videos because you simply don't show it.

    Attractive thumbnails are like a snippet for viewers to decide whether they want to click on the video. When you show a little bit of glance at what you're going to present, you can quickly capture your audience's attention.

    You can use online tools like Canva, Snappa, Picmaker, etc to help you create click-able thumbnails in no time.

  2. Include closed-caption

    Incorporating built-in subtitles is vital to help the search engine crawler detect your video presence. The caption is then indexed to match with the search query whether it shows relevancy.

    If the caption is relevant to users' search, Google crawlers can immediately show the video as a relevant result. Therefore, having closed-caption can really help your videos land on the first search result page and increase the number of viewers and visitors to your site.

    Closed-captions also help mobile users to have such a pleasant viewing experience since they’re most likely to play the video on mute. With closed-captions, they still know what the video is all about.

  3. Add keyword-based titles and descriptions

    Make sure to add keyword-based titles and descriptions in every online video you're about to publish. Do keyword research that fits your context, so when people perform a search, they will find your content easily.

    Moreover, having thought-provoking, keyword-based titles descriptions will help viewers understand the video better.

    You can also add more information that isn't stated on the videos, like your sales page and relevant messages on the descriptions, to attract the audience to check your site immediately.

  4. Incorporate time stamp

    When you host your videos on platforms like YouTube, you have the ability to add a time stamp on each of your content. This timestamp allows you to point out the key moment of your videos.

    Having a stamp will help your viewers find relevant information as they can drag to the section they want to know immediately. Besides, including timestamp increases your SEO rank because, once again, Google can identify this stamp as part of your video keywords that represent the entire content.

  5. Apply video sitemap

    You can submit a video sitemap to help search engines like Google detect where your video is hosted. The video sitemap contains metadata of the content on your videos. This allows the search engine to crawl and index the video quickly and presents video content on the search result.


Video content has many benefits for your business, especially in ranking better on Google. It helps you correct the SEO and get found out by users immediately. Taking away videos as part of your marketing strategy will be such a missed opportunity as this content has made up the majority of internet traffic today. Before starting your video marketing strategy, make sure to checklist the tips above in order to achieve the maximum result.

Andre Oentoro

Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award-winning explainer video company. He helps businesses increase conversion rates, close more sales, and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).


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