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Traits + skills of a successful healthcare marketer

By Olivia Caron

Traits + skills of a successful healthcare marketer



In order to be successful in the field of marketing, you must have skills including creativity, attention to detail, and data analysis + analytics. Creativity and attention to detail are needed to grab the attention of potential customers and clients. Skills in data analysis and analytics are equally as important for a healthcare marketer because you need to be able to measure how marketing tactics and campaigns are performing to identify if there is room for areas of improvement. 


Technical abilities

There are certain technical abilities that will greatly benefit someone just starting out in marketing, one of which is the ability to understand the sales process. Although sales and marketing are different  fields, it is important as a healthcare marketer to understand how the product you market goes through the sales funnel. In addition, one should have the ability to produce quality content at an efficient rate. By being organized, efficient, and timely, a new  marketer can quickly learn to excel.


Natural tendencies + traits

The ideal new hire in marketing is able to facilitate through tasks, has excellent communication and organizational skills along with being an early adopter for tapping into the current trends. Being a team player and having enthusiasm about the position are some natural tendencies I look for in a marketer. These are not traits that you can read on a resume, but rather see in the individual throughout the interview process. 


Ability to take criticism

Having tough skin in the marketing field is crucial.  Flexibility and the ability to take constructive criticism are the tools needed to conquer the challenges of this industry. Although it can be difficult, it is important to learn from every experience and see what marketing techniques work for you and your company. Not every project will have outstanding results, however being able to pivot your marketing plan to fit the needs of a business is what makes a great healthcare marketer.

by Olivia Caron

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