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#WeAreKNB Series: Erica Velander

By Aquinnah Rank

The "We are KNB" series gives you a peek behind the curtain to understand what makes our band of healthcare communications experts tick. We ask them about their motivations and goals as well as some personal questions. 

This month we would like to highlight our PR Coordinator Erica Velander. Here are a few questions we asked her below:


What do you love about KNB culture? 

KNB has found a unique way of meaningfully connecting with each other while still working remotely. The group chat is filled with work-related questions, but we are more frequently populating it with pictures of pets, children, and waffles! It’s a culture I have come to love already in the short time that I’ve been here.


What led you to your choice of career? 

I have a lot of interests and passions and have always enjoyed learning new 

things. That's probably why my career path hasn't been a straight shot. We all know those people who always knew exactly what they wanted to be doing. I am not one of those people. 

When I graduated college, it was right after the big crash, and there weren't many jobs, so I went straight into graduate school to study history. I planned to become a professor, but I got involved in nonprofit work during my graduate studies. 

Gaining real-world experience in the nonprofit sector completely changed my trajectory. Academia wasn't for me; I wanted to be out in the real world, creating content and making a difference.


What sets KNB apart from other marketing and PR agencies?

Two things set KNB apart from many other agencies. For one, KNB's management and coworkers care about each other personally and professionally. They invest in their employees and create opportunities to focus on employees' mental health, like the weekly Wellness Wednesday.

The other difference I've noticed at KNB is the collaborative remote work environment. I've experienced my fair share of silos, and it is not a fun time. At KNB, multiple team members at all levels contribute to writing blog posts and social media posts and work together regularly on client work. 


  1. What are you most excited about in healthcare tech?

As most Americans have experienced, our healthcare system is difficult to navigate. What I'm most passionate about in the healthcare tech field is how one change in technology can significantly impact the patient experience. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the ability to change the system completely, making it possible to reduce healthcare costs for patients, help doctors make more informed clinical decisions, and so much more.

I’m eager to see where Machine Learning is in five years and what it will do to revolutionize healthcare.


  1. What is something you have learned from your team members at KNB?

Prior to starting at KNB, I had not yet jumped on the NYT Wordle bandwagon. While my new team members have already taught me a lot, the thing I’m most excited about is my newfound Wordle addiction. I enjoy sipping my hot coffee in the early morning hours, trying my hand at the word of the day.


  1. What is your favorite TV show?
  2. It’s so hard to pick just one favorite TV show. I recently binge-watched Inventing Anna and loved it. Workin’ Moms is also a hilarious go-to for me.

by Aquinnah Rank

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