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#WeAreKNB series: Heather Kerr

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The healthcare world changes, evolves, and develops. It has many sectors and angles to be seen from, which is why it is something that continues to fascinate and drive us every day. Similar to the industry we all know and love, our team here at KNB is anything but one-dimensional.

Our monthly newsletter segment called #WeAreKNB gives you a closer look into who each of us are as a team, and allows you take a look at the faces behind the hard work of KNB Communications. A variety of different perspectives is an asset that we value, and we are excited to show you who we are and why we love what we do. We are individuals, we are a team, #WeAreKNB. Wanna keep up? Sign up for our monthly KNB HealthBeat Newsletter here!

Heather Kerr, Account Supervisor

What do you like most about the culture at KNB Communications?

My favorite thing about the culture at KNB Communications is how supportive everyone is. We all genuinely want each other to succeed which inspires some really creative ideas.

What led you to working in the Health IT Industry at KNB Communications, and why does it interest you?

After working with pharmaceutical companies for a few years, I was interested to learn about other innovations happening in healthcare.

What is your favorite summer time life-hack?

Freeze coffee to make coffee cubes! It’s well known that I don’t function without enough coffee so making sure I can enjoy a nice cup of joe and stay cool is really important. The only thing worse than no coffee is weak, watered down coffee.

What one quality do you think is most integral to being a successful public relations professional?

Be prepared! I’m naturally a planner so my desk is full color-coded lists. I love doing research and thinking through different scenarios for my clients. Having as much information as possible gives me the context and confidence to make the best decisions for my clients. It also helps me roll with any unexpected hiccups that inevitably pop up.

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