Many people want to be successful in the exciting and quick-paced marketing world, but it takes a special person to really break boundaries and fit the role. We asked several successful marketing managers what they discovered are the most important traits to making it in the field, and compiled a guide to expanding your opportunities for growth in your healthcare marketing career.  

1. Market Yourself

"Be aware of the personal “brand” you are showing to colleagues and superiors. Even when I didn’t feel this way inwardly, I portrayed someone who was confident, professional, and creative. Advocate for yourself, always. Show the world who you are and the talent that you have. Especially when you are younger, it can be hard to take real ownership of your thoughts and ideas in a business setting. Making sure you are seen and heard is extremely important."

2. Share your ideas...

"And when they are liked and used, do not hesitate to take credit for them. That’s not to say teamwork isn’t important. It is -- support your teammates when their ideas are great, and they will (hopefully) do the same for you. You can also stay on the lookout for opportunities to get published for your expertise, or even search for speaking engagements. Remember that you deserve to show others what you know and have learned throughout your journey in marketing thus far."

3. Learn to Understand and Speak in Numbers

"Understanding the analytics is what will give you a leg up and separate you. You can be the best creative, but until you show an exec the ROI resulting from your marketing efforts, your contributions may go unnoticed."

4. Learn The Current Trends

"Marketing is a field that relies heavily on current trends, so learn them and implement them into your work. You will need to make a constant effort to stay updated in your tactics to succeed and continue to grow. If you are not enjoying it, you might be in the wrong business."

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by Beth Cooper

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