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What to Include in Your Healthcare PR & Marketing Brainstorming Kit

By Heather Kerr

Healthcare marketers and public relations professionals are increasingly pressed to come up with creative ideas to engage their target. Maybe they need to think of an unexpected giveaway for a healthcare trade show, new product name, or tell their client’s story in a new and interesting way.  They may want to send out an interesting direct mailer for doctors or come up with an innovative campaign that will reach hospital CIO’s. They may need to take a technical concept and break it down into bite-sized pieces for media. How do healthcare marketers and PR pros come up with their great ideas?  We brainstorm, of course.

We all know the basic rule of brainstorming: there are no bad ideas.  Encourage original thinking. The best way of doing this is to have a brainstorming kit.  Our brainstorming kit works by occupying hands and increasing focus. When people can “turn off” their brain by fidgeting with primarily tactile objects, they are able to tap into higher cognitive functioning.     

Bottom line: having a brainstorming kit for your healthcare marketing and PR idea sessions will produce more creative ideas.

Here are some ideas about what to include in your brainstorming kit:

download (48)-min


by Heather Kerr

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