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Our 4 Predictions for Healthcare Marketing Trends in 2019, plus actionable tips

By Beth Cooper


1.  More attention to SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

People are spending more and more time on the internet, including your competition. It is more important than ever that healthcare companies pay attention to their SEO efforts.  Our top suggestion: posting new content chock full of keywords as frequently as your resources permit. Check out our case study on what a blog did one site’s traffic.    

2.  More video

The popularity of video has been on the rise, and the data is clear: video increases the amount of time people look at your content, and substantially increases landing page conversion rates. This is particularly true for healthcare companies.  Our tip: use one video across multiple touch points by extracting excerpts and repurposing clips. Include a clip in an email campaign. Use video in your native advertising efforts. Embed video in your landing page. We promise, you will see results.  

3.  Increased emphasis on PR

Consumer trust in brands has been steadily declining, and the source of your message matters a lot.  You can tell people how great you are through different channels, but it makes a much bigger impact when a credible, objective third party makes that same statement. Though there are different ways of calculating advertising value equivalency (AVE) of a PR placement, it is a widely accepted truth in marketing that an earned media placement is more valuable than an advertisement, even from the same outlet.      

4.  More creativity overall

Healthcare marketing has traditionally been thought of as a serious, B2B endeavor.  A big trend we have seen is that healthcare and health IT companies are realizing that their targets, even in a professional capacity, appreciate being reached in new and creative ways.  Some of this has to do with more millennials moving into leadership roles, as well as a general industry trend toward making end consumers a bigger part of their own healthcare journeys. At any rate, healthcare companies are not only more tolerant of innovation in their marketing but are actively requesting it.  Don’t get left behind by relying solely on traditional methods.

by Beth Cooper

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