Why hiring a PR Agency is more efficient and cheaper than doing it in-house

By Meredith Wishart

Why paying a PR agency is more efficient cheaper than doing it in house

Public relations proves to be essential for the prosperity of a company. The ability to share your company's vision and distinguish yourself from competition will allow for future growth. Managing a profitable company image through media placements, social media, beneficial relationships, and other outlets will enhance your company's reputation and marketing efforts. 

There are two traditional ways to conduct PR practices; hiring an agency or doing it ‘in house’. A public relations agency is a specialized communications company that works directly with clients to build media favorability and create a profitable image. In house PR is a unit within the company that only deals with their own public relations efforts. 


So what’s the difference? 

Hiring a public relations agency brings many benefits that an in house PR team is not able to supply for five major reasons: 

  • 1. A PR agency has previously formed relationships: As a company that specializes in media practices, an agency has worked with numerous media outlets, freelancers, and reputable individuals. Throughout this work, an agency has formed profitable relationships for their clients' benefit. When partnering with the agency, you gain full access to these outlets for your company's gain. With contacts available at your disposal, your company is promoted successfully without wasting time on reaching out or ‘cold calling’ various forms of media. 
  • 2. An agency can work more efficiently and effectively: Staffed with experts, professionals in an agency have experience that an in house PR team cannot compete with. Individuals in PR agencies have become specialized in their field and dedicate themselves to delivering the most profitable relationships, media placements, and overall expertise. 
  • 3. Allows for company growth: By having PR professionals assist your company in media efforts, you become exposed to a vast amount of outlets. This publicity will grant a positive ROI by ensuring the proper audiences are reached. 
  • 4. Cut down on costs: Public relations agencies themselves are integrated with other services and are provided to you in one package. Separately paying for these services proves to run a high cost. 
  • 5. Your company will be prepared for a crisis: With years of experience, an agency is accustomed to it all. They have likely dealt with various crises, and have developed plans of action when faced with one. If a business with an in-house PR team is met with an issue, they may be inadequately prepared and even face the risk of financial loss. It is often better to be safe than sorry.


The benefits that a public relations agency is able to provide is priceless. By having all their resources at your disposal, you are already on the road to success. Their efforts will boost your company's growth, ROI, and reputation that are unable to be matched by an in house team. Save yourself time, money, and headaches by leaving it to the professionals! 

by Meredith Wishart

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