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Why should B2B companies care about Twitter?

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Eighty-two percent of B2B content marketers use Twitter in their digital marketing efforts. If your company isn’t using Twitter as part of your marketing strategy, it should be. 

Twitter, which now has over 229 million daily active users, offers businesses the opportunity to build brand awareness, interact and engage with potential clients, and stay up to date with industry news. Still not convinced? Keep reading.

Build brand awareness

Whether your company has an in-house marketing team or works with a marketing firm, Twitter can help  build brand awareness. The way brands write their tweets and engage with their audience on Twitter is highly effective for establishing an online personality. 

Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter is quick, which businesses can use to their advantage. The average life expectancy of a tweet is only 18 minutes. This makes it the perfect platform to share brief updates, highlight new products, and start conversations with your target audiences.

Here are a few tips for building brand awareness on Twitter:

  • Create a constant presence on social media by Tweeting one to three times per day and responding to comments. Many consumers use Twitter as a customer service tool. If a customer mentions (@) the company with a complaint, it’s best practice to respond. 
  • Share relevant content that establishes your brand as an expert in your niche market.
  • Interact with your audience to begin establishing a rapport. Respond to comments daily, retweet, and thank anyone who follows the company.
  • Start tracking Twitter mentions. This is one of the best ways to see how a brand is performing on Twitter. Twitter’s advanced search option allows you to save up to 25 searches. 

Utilize Twitter to search for and engage with potential clients

Twitter is the number one social media platform for discovery. Seventy nine percent of the people on Twitter use it to discover what’s new, making it the perfect social media platform for B2B marketing firms to utilize.

Marketers can use Twitter’s search engine to see what consumers are talking about and connect with their target audience. For example, if you represent a healthcare provider, you may want to search “healthcare,” and the results on Twitter will show you all of the people tweeting about healthcare. You can then engage by liking tweets, responding to them, and retweeting. Engaging with people makes them more likely to learn more about who you are and may entice them to visit your site.

Utilizing hashtags and @ mentioning  is another great way to engage with people on Twitter. Adding a hashtag (#) in front of keywords or phrases helps companies join relevant conversations and makes it easier for users to find them based on their interests. 

Hashtags increase engagement and put companies in front of the right audience, but how do you choose the right one? The explore tab can help with searching for trending hashtags. If a trending hashtag can make sense within the business' context, it's a good idea to incorporate it into the Tweet. 

Keep up with industry news

B2B businesses, especially those in cutting edge industries like health technology, need to stay up to date with the latest research and industry developments. Twitter provides the ideal platform to follow others in your industry and retweet top articles, studies, blogs, and more.

By showing that your company is up to speed with the latest developments,  you’ll be able to establish yourself as a thought leader in your space. 

Start using Twitter today

Join the conversation on Twitter and start engaging with your consumer base today. If you’re looking for more tips on using social media to your company’s advantage, check out some of the other articles on our blog


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