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3 Simple Tips to Nurture B2B Health IT LinkedIn Leads

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Properly nurturing B2B health IT LinkedIn leads is important for growing your health tech company’s contact database. LinkedIn leads are potential clients and as a B2B health IT company, increasing your client base is imperative to continue to grow. Below are 3 simple tips in order to improve your B2B health IT LinkedIn lead conversations.

  1. Be Professional

    health IT professional

    The initial approach to a LinkedIn lead should be professional. As a B2B health IT professional, you should portray yourself in that manner. Appearing intelligent and credible is key to conveying a professional persona. However, being professional does not mean being dry and overly rigid. Do not send an initial message that is long and not personalized to that potential LinkedIn lead. Instead, send a few shorter messages that still get to the point but are not clearly copy-pasted messages. Additionally, take a look at the prospect’s LinkedIn profile and learn a bit about them prior to reaching out. Maybe they follow health IT publications that you could mention, or they recently engaged with an article about B2B marketing. Scanning their profile will help you craft a professional yet customized initial introduction.

  2. Be Approachable

    approachable health it leads

    In regards to the first tip above, it is important to remember that every LinkedIn lead is also an individual. In B2B health IT, lead nurturing depends on a connection between individuals. Even though each of you have a health tech company that you represent, the initial connection should be personal. Coming across as friendly and approachable can help you build meaningful relationships. Throughout the conversation, you must ensure that your responses are answering all of the potential customer’s questions while naturally posing some of your own in order to understand the needs of the customer.

  3. Be Goal Oriented

    health it professional goal oriented

    In addition to being both professional and approachable during conversations with potential B2B health IT clients on LinkedIn, it is essential to understand that the ultimate goal of the conversation is to begin speaking about your B2B health IT offerings and why your company would be a great partner for this lead in the future. The end game is gaining new business. Keeping the conversation going on LinkedIn is only the beginning. In order to further the process of lead conversion, asking to move the conversation to email or scheduling a phone call are both professional options to do. However, B2B health IT LinkedIn lead nurturing is not always going to end in a new deal. If the LinkedIn conversation does not move off of LinkedIn, it is important to still add that lead to your CRM so they will receive periodic emails from your company with helpful resources.

    You can improve your LinkedIn lead nurturing efforts by engaging in a professional and approachable manner with new leads. Additionally, keeping your end goal in mind of having them as a new customer is important to drive the conversation forward in a constructive way.

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