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Why You Need a Wellness Wednesday (Plus Free Schedule For The First 10 Weeks)

By Paige Rossi

August is Wellness Month! Wellness can take a lot of forms and can be addressed at both an individual and a group level. Our internal marketing and morale department has created a dedicated program that focuses on group wellness and will continue long after the month has concluded. We have been participating in 10-minute “Wellness Wednesdays” together as a team. We all log in to a virtual video call and turn our screens and microphones off while one person shares the wellness exercise for the day. After the wellness exercise is complete, everyone logs off the call at their own pace. 

The benefits of taking a few minutes a week to engage in wellness activities range from reducing stress and boosting confidence, to team building and allowing management to check-in with everyone. A recent survey referenced by the AJMC shows that 7 out of 10 employees consider this time during the Coronavirus pandemic to be the most stressful of their professional careers. It’s affecting their stress levels and in turn their productivity. In fact, 62% of people surveyed admitted to losing approximately an hour of work productivity per day to COVID-related stressors. It’s important that your healthcare organization adopt a structured approach to recognizing and dealing with the added strain to employees’ mental health -- not only out of care for your employees, but also because there is a strong business case to do so. Alleviating stress and improving mental health yields greater productivity and less turnover. 

We thought we’d share 10 weeks of our schedule with our fellow healthcare marketers to jumpstart your wellness experience.

10 Weeks of Wellness

Below are links to suggested videos and other resources for each week. 

Week 1 - Guided Meditation 

Week 2 - Office Yoga 

Week 3 - Deep Breathing Exercises 

Week 4 - Laughing Exercise

Week 5 - “I Am” Affirmations

Week 6 - Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Week 7 - Personal Goal Setting

Week 8 - Pecha Kucha

Week 9 - Stream of Consciousness Journaling

Week 10 - Outdoor Walk

Taking just a few minutes out of your day can be rejuvenating and promote a healthier and happier lifestyle. Connect with us and let us know how you’re incorporating wellness into your schedule!

by Paige Rossi

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