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5 Apps to Support Your Mental Health 

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COVID-19 has swept across the world resulting in the overburdening of health systems and a change to the way we, health IT marketers, live. Self-isolation and social-distancing are now the new norms for healthcare industry leaders and in many instances, are taking a toll on people’s mental health and increasing their stress levels.

Now more than ever, telehealth, telemedicine, and healthcare technology apps and programs are functioning as resources for people who may be struggling. Here are 5 apps that can provide mental health support to B2B healthcare technology and IT marketers.


  1. Headspace

    Headspace has a website and app with mindfulness and meditation resources that can be virtually used anywhere! The app is free, and offers free access to its premium content for healthcare providers. The app contains guided meditations, animations, articles and videos, all distinct to Headspace style. The app has meditation sessions such as anxiety, stress, and work to help health tech marketers and employees with the COVID-19 crisis. Choose a topic or session, press play and just follow the directions of your guide. This app is perfect to switch off work-life after a long day working on healthcare tech marketing materials or press releases if employees work at a B2B healthcare and IT PR agency so you can unwind and relax.

  2. 10 Percent Happier

    10 Percent Happier hosts a website and app featuring guided meditations, videos, talks, and sleep content. Due to the pandemic, 10 Percent Happier now also features a Coronavirus Sanity Guide that includes weekly podcasts and virtually connects users, such as B2B health IT marketers, to meditation experts known as “live sanity breaks.” The “live sanity breaks” are free and are intended for all levels to learn how to better cope with their anxiety and fear, especially working from home. This app is great for any employee working in a fast-paced industry like healthcare IT!

  3. 7 Cups

    7 Cups is a free emotional support chat service that provides healthcare and IT experts the ability to anonymously chat with trained volunteers at any time of the day. You can choose the same trained volunteer or a new one each time. The app also includes 300 mindfulness exercises. Working in a healthcare, marketing, health IT, or B2B PR agency can be emotionally taxing. This app can safely give healthcare marketers an outlet for someone to talk to about feelings of stress or worry.

  4. Happify

    Happify is a free mental health improvement app that offers effective science-based activities, games, and guided meditations to help B2B health IT marketers take control of their feelings and thoughts to create positive new habits. The app encourages healthcare tech marketers to answer a few questions, choose a personalized “happiness track” designed by experts, find their “happiness score,” and track their progress. By learning how to break old habits and create new ones, health IT marketers and B2B PR agencies can also incorporate them into their daily work from home environment.

  5. Sanvello

    Sanvello is the number one rated app for stress, anxiety, and depression, with over 3 million downloads. The app offers a toolkit of clinically-approved strategies to provide health IT marketers with stress and anxiety relief using a daily mood-tracking platform and guided mental health improvement journeys and forums. Amid the coronavirus, the app is giving free premium access to all users, which is amazing for all who are working in healthcare, health tech, and B2B health marketing and PR, and are proactively dealing with the pandemic.

Let us know which one is your favorite!

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