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5 fun ways to work remotely

By Larissa Andrade

Although the world is now considered post-pandemic, more companies than ever before are choosing to be fully remote. Among the benefits of working remotely include higher retention levels, improved morale and a higher productivity rate among employees. Given these statistics, it can be seen that working remotely is here to stay, so here are five fun ways to stay connected to your coworkers during this digital age!


Daily Question

Send a “question of the day” to your coworkers in your work group chat (e.g. What shows are you currently watching? What do you do after work?). This allows coworkers to foster personal connections with each other! 

Virtual Happy Hour

Schedule a zoom or google video call with your coworkers. This can be a great time to introduce your kids, pets or spouses. Chat about latest trends, industry news or just about anything that sparks a lively conversation!

Trivia Night

Sites like Sporcle or Kahoot can create a great friendly trivia night among coworkers! Pick a weekly host to create and read the questions, anything from movies and books, to the industry, athletes, and food, and then invite everyone to the call. To make it even more engaging, you could add a gift for the winner at the end!

Recipe Swap

In the team chat, ask coworkers what their favorite meal is. It can be anything from breakfast to dinner. Once everyone has sent in their favorite, challenge each other to recreate it! Or add a personal twist to it. This can lead to a video chat where everyone discusses what worked, what didn’t and what other recipes they want to share!

Share pictures

It’s important to remember that coworkers are humans too. They have families, pets and celebrations that happen outside of the workplace. Don’t be afraid to send little tidbits of things that make you happy! It can be anything from pets and kids, to a meal that tasted delicious. Sharing pictures can encourage a more comfortable workplace!


by Larissa Andrade

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