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5 Photos of Health IT Marketers' Remote Work Spaces

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Like many companies, amid the COVID-19 crisis, our healthcare tech marketing and PR agency has chosen to have everyone work remotely. Have you ever wondered how a communications professional in the health IT industry works? Wonder no more! We have collected some photos of remote work set-ups as well as top tips for being effective.


This is Business Development Director Paul Purvis' charming home office. Well, and his wife's. During the COVID-19 outbreak, they are both doing their jobs remotely.

Paul's Top Tip for Working Remotely: "My tip is don't try and share an office if your spouse or significant other is also working from home!"


It's no surprise that this dual-monitor set-up belongs to our highly-analytical Paid Social Media and PPC Specialist Manager, Stephen Alberts. Like many of us, he has several small children who are no longer going to school until the threat of the virus has passed.

Stephen's Top Tip for Working Remotely: "If your place is small, a white noise app or sound machine helps drown out background noise."


Jemma Rochelikes to choose a place with natural light and great, furry company. She prefers to move around during the day rather than just choosing one location. Jemma is our Marketing Coordinator.

Jemma's Top Tip for Working Remotely: "Have a good set of headphones with a mic. This is very important when you do not want others around you listening in on calls, especially if the information is confidential. Also, it is important to have a pair of headphones when you are on a conference call and need to block out the background noise. If good pair of headphones doesn't work, then it might be helpful to have a lock on the door in case of any interruptions."


Jocelyn Leon is an Account Executive. Her preferred room to work in at home is her bedroom. You can't get much more comfortable than that!

Jocelyn's Top Tip for Working Remotely: Jocelyn suggests connecting a mouse to your laptop rather than using the touchpad. It's just more ergonomically sound!

beth desk-min

Beth Cooper is our Director of Marketing. She likes sitting at a desk to work, and has one upstairs and one downstairs. She spends most of her time at the downstairs desk (closer to the fridge), but sits at the upstairs desk when she wants to hyper-focus or when she takes a video call.

Beth's Top Tip for Working Remotely: "Consider the backdrop if you're taking video calls. Try to choose a background that is not distracting -- where people can't walk behind you and where your clients can't see the pile of laundry."

How do you like to work from home?


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