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Consistently using relevant hashtags and keywords can increase SEO

By Olivia Caron

The use of relevant hashtags and keywords can be used by organizations in social media and blogging to increase SEO.

Content consistency is key for social media and blogging in healthcare. Not only is it important to keep an audience engaged, but also in sharing current news and advancements in healthcare. Healthcare organizations such as HITMC and HIMSS promote their brands in ways that draw in their audience. For example, HITMC has their Medigy awards that are presented to agencies, healthcare providers, as well as non profits to name a few. By hosting this event, they can promote it through posts, hashtags, and keywords, and this helps them to increase their SEO. 

As a healthcare marketer, consistency is key. Consistency in the content topics you are posting, as well as the frequency that you post at are equally as important. This is how you not only gain an audience, but keep an audience. When content is posted on a regular basis, they continue to catch the eye of readers, and they have a greater chance of customer engagement. 

When someone decides to follow a blog or specific social media account, they are choosing to do so based on the content that has been posted. Once a marketer has gained followers on social media platforms or on a website, they must work to keep them. 

Not only as a healthcare marketer do you need to know who you are as a creator, but you need to also know who your target audience is. When you have a clear image of the type of content you want to put out, you are able to capture the attention of an audience. Healthcare marketers are able to gain followers and subscribers who are interested in the topics that are posted. Those who are interested in this content can reach it through the use of relevant hashtags and keywords. Marketers choose these specifically so that they can reach the right audience.  

Working in healthcare marketing + PR is exciting because of the organization you get to work with and the information you are able to share. By utilizing tools such as hashtags and keywords correctly, an organization can build an audience and increase their SEO.

by Olivia Caron

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