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Demystifying the core of life sciences strategy: the scientific communications platform

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Understanding the scientific communication platform

At its core, a Scientific Communication Platform (SCP) is a strategic document that outlines the foundational scientific story of a specific research area or biological process. It provides a consistent narrative for all communication related to that area, including academic presentations, regulatory discussions, educational materials, and public outreach efforts.

Far from being a stagnant document, the SCP is a dynamic tool that evolves with new scientific data, adapting to the continuously shifting landscapes of research, policy, and public understanding. It consolidates key findings, data interpretations, and future research projections into one unified narrative.

The SCP development process

Creating an effective SCP requires thoughtful planning and collaboration. It's not a document created by one team or individual; it's a cross-functional effort engaging various stakeholders. This ensures that the SCP is comprehensive and applicable to the wide array of teams and individuals who will rely on it.

The initial stage of development includes securing buy-in from senior leadership, fostering alignment within the organization. Identifying potential end-users of the SCP, understanding their unique needs and perspectives, is also a critical step.

Collaboration is key, and the SCP must be shaped to meet the unique demands of the specific research program and end-users. While it's not a software, the SCP must be user-friendly and adaptable. Teams often opt for interactive PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, or web-hosted documents.

Promoting SCP use and evaluating success

After the SCP is developed, the next steps are training and implementation. It's important to ensure all potential users understand the SCP's content and can utilize it effectively.

Continual assessment of the SCP's usage within the organization ensures ongoing success. Specific metrics predefined during SCP development can guide this task, such as how frequently the SCP is accessed or how it's used in external communication. This feedback allows for the continuous refinement of the SCP and identifies areas requiring additional training or improvement.


The SCP is the heartbeat of any life sciences strategy, providing a solid foundation for communicating complex scientific narratives. The process of creating a relevant, comprehensive SCP requires meticulous planning and collaboration. The end result is a powerful tool that drives consistency and clarity in scientific communication. As the field of life sciences continues to evolve, the SCP remains an adaptable and essential tool for conveying new findings and insights.

Are you seeking to enhance your organization's scientific communication strategies? At KNB Communications, we are dedicated to creating effective, user-friendly SCPs that drive scientific understanding forward. Our team of experienced professionals will guide you through each step of the SCP creation process, ensuring your scientific narrative is compelling, cohesive, and ready to meet the future head-on. Contact us today to learn how we can help you transform your communication strategy.

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