Health IT Community: Join a #Virtual7PMClap

By Beth Cooper

Have you heard of the #7PMClap?  Each night at 7PM, the quarantined people of New York go to their windows or out onto their balconies...and clap.  For two minutes straight.  They clap and cheer for doctors, nurses, first responders, healthcare workers, grocery store workers, restaurant workers, truck drivers, sanitation workers, and all the essential workers who continue their daily work so we can stay home and stay safe.  The applause causes a city-wide phenomenon. 

With that as an inspiration, we would like to invite all our health IT community to join in a #Virtual7PMClap.  Even if we don't live near each other in an urban area, I know many of us would love to be part of something like this.  A synchronized virtual clap is a way we can all come together and make sure our essential workers feel our support and gratitude. 

So at 7 PM Eastern Time, tweet or post a video of you clapping.  Or a gif of clapping.  Or retweet / share a post of someone clapping, using the #Virtual7PMClap hashtag.  We'll be sharing every post we see. 

Until then...#StayHomeStaySafe.   

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by Beth Cooper

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