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How Healthcare Marketers Should Practice Social Listening During COVID-19

By Lily Tofel

During times of uncertainty, social listening is more important than ever. Tracking, analyzing, and responding to conversations online helps healthcare marketers stay connected with customers remotely, while also building a reputation as an industry thought leader. Healthcare marketers can use tools such as HubSpot or Sprout Social for social listening, or they can manually listen on each social platform.

Healthcare marketers social listening

It is encouraged to post and engage with discussions on recent issues such as COVID-19 and Black Lives Matter. Healthcare marketers should focus on strengthening customer relationships as well as writing empathetic responses. By continuously social listening, knowing the right thing to say can be developed from what is being posted in the health tech industry social media feeds. 

Healthcare marketing companies should be following relevant hashtags, accounts, and mentions. For example, LinkedIn offers a feature for company accounts that will locate trending articles in subjects relevant to the healthcare industry. Additionally, Twitter has a constantly-updating list of trending topics. Posting with a high-traffic, popular hashtag will receive many more organic impressions. Below are some tips for healthcare marketers to practice social listening: 

Re-evaluate planned campaigns and content

-Take a look at what is planned to be posted immediately and in the coming weeks.  

-Consider if your healthcare marketing plan still makes sense, given today’s environment.

-Remember that audiences are more sensitive right now, as it can be easier to come off as tone-deaf.

Balance sensitivity and “business as usual” with empathy

-Understanding what customers are going through will help your company.

-Consider promotions or sales as these might resonate with customers who are more financially conservative during this time.

Adjust goals

-Rethink where and how you want to reach your audience.  KPIs and social metrics will be affected by the current crisis; however, as healthcare marketers,  you can use the increase in time spent online to your advantage.

-Use this time to create more awareness of your healthcare brand.

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by Lily Tofel

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