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6 Behind-The-Scene Photos of Healthcare Agency Professionals and Their Pets

By Lily Tofel

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a drastic impact on healthcare marketers’ daily life with limited social interactions to the significant change in work environments. As many healthcare marketers and PR professionals are forced to work from home during the pandemic, their mental health may suffer from the consequences of prolonged social distancing. However, healthcare agency professionals who have pets to keep them company are expressing the benefits of spending time with pets on their mental health.

Pet Owner Findings

Pets provide therapeutic effects with their unconditional love. Studies have found differences in health when comparing people with pets to non-pet owners. Pet owners are less likely to suffer from depression than those without pets. They also have lower blood pressure in stressful situations for those with pets.  When playing with a cat or dog, serotonin and dopamine levels increase.

Do you think the workplace will become more pet-friendly post-quarantine? Check out the KNB team's furry friends below! ⬇️

2020-07-15 (3)

Beth Cooper and Peridot

Director of Marketing

"Carefree, confident, and cuddly." 

2020-07-15 (2)

Doug Haslam and Finbar

Account Director

"Adventurous, curious, rambunctious. He's 2 years old and still shows his youth." 


Jemma Roche and Ginger

Marketing Coordinator

"Affective, unpredictable, energetic." 


Yuliya Kutuzava and Valentine

VP Client Services

"Loyal, loving, lively." 

2020-07-15 (1)

Corrie Fisher and Draper

Account Executive

"Playful, sweet, cuddly." 


Lily Tofel and Lola

Communications Intern

"Crazy, friendly, funny."

Benefits of Having Pets

1. Companionship - living with pets may prevent the feeling of loneliness during isolation that could lead to depression.

2. Reduces anxiety - enjoying the moment with an animal helps to become more mindful.

3. Increases exercise - playing with pets keeps pet owners active.

4. Structure - having a feeding and exercise schedule for pets helps healthcare marketers build a routine that mimics pre-pandemic life and feel a sense of purpose.

5. Stress relief - stroking a cat or dog helps to quickly feel calmer.


Reach out to us with a picture of you and your pet working from home!


by Lily Tofel

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