How to Get Your Healthcare Marketing Coworkers to Like You...Remotely

By Beth Cooper
Many of us at KNB Communications fostered relationships with each other while we were working together in our headquarters in Stamford, CT. However, since COVID-19, we have all been working remotely and we've hired several new people to work at our healthcare PR and marketing agency whom we have never met in person. Obviously, we wanted to develop a relationship with our new coworkers that was as strong as the ones we made in person. Here are some of the tips that have been working for us to get our new coworkers to like us, so we know they are effective at least for other healthcare communications folks like ourselves. 
Do your own work well.  When people know you are a good worker and can be relied upon, it's easier to like you!       
Know how much coffee your coworkers need in the morning.  Another good way of saying this is understand people's personalities.  One coworker may be a chipper morning person, while another hits her stride mid-day.  Don't book 8 AM meetings with the coworker who prefers afternoons.  
Ask questions. Nothing too personal, but asking someone questions about themselves or their hobbies shows that you are interested in learning more about them. 
Share some pictures of your personal life.  When you get back from vacation, or take a family holiday photo, or the kids are going back to school, share a few shots. It helps people understand the complex, multi-dimensional person that is uniquely you.   
Here's the biggest one: Don't ever throw a coworker under the bus.  If there is a mess-up, we don't point fingers or go running to someone's boss.  We deal with it together and make a plan to address the situation.  Owning issues together builds gratitude and camaraderie. 
Respect people's work life balance.  We try very hard to make sure we don't ask anyone for help during nights and weekends. We don't expect replies to emails after hours.  Especially during this time, lines between work time and home time blur. At the very least, don't be the reason your coworkers feel like they should be online constantly.   
Cover for each other.  When someone goes out on vacation, we make sure they know they can really unplug.  We will cover anything that comes in so that they do not have to stress. 
Find ways to de-stress each other.  Check in with each other, or send funny memes when you see a coworker is having a tough day. Listen to people vent and make sure it isn't shared any further. Offer help when you can, and celebrate even small wins. 
What do you do to forge relationships with your healthcare coworkers?

by Beth Cooper

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