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#WeAreKNB Series: Corrie Fisher

By Jemma Roche

The healthcare world changes, evolves, and develops. It has many sectors and angles, which is why it fascinates and drives us every day. Similar to the industry we all know and love, our team here at KNB is anything but one-dimensional.

Our monthly segment called #WeAreKNB gives you a closer look into who we are and allows you to take a look at the faces behind the hard work of KNB Communications. A variety of different perspectives is an asset that we value, and we are excited to show you who we are and why we love what we do. We are individuals, we are a team, #WeAreKNB. Wanna keep up? Sign up for our monthly KNB HealthBeat Newsletter here! 

Corrie Fisher supports the KNB team as our Public Relations Account Executive. We are grateful for her hard work and decided to highlight her this month. Here are a few questions we asked her below: 

corrie cropped

1. Why did you decide to become a PR Professional?

More specifically, a "healthcare PR professional" because the goal of working in healthcare is to help others and give back in a variety of ways. I think working on the communications side of things, you can execute on creative ways to communicate a company's value. Healthcare companies know the impact of their work, but don't always know the best way to effectively communicate it to others. That's where we step in. 

2. What new healthcare technology trends do you find the most interesting?

Telehealth has brightened horizons for the healthcare industry. I recall during undergrad I was first introduced to the concept of telehealth and it intrigued me how this could be made possible; the effect it would have on institutions, physicians and patients (like myself). I only see it growing from here.

3. What led you to working in the Health IT Industry at KNB Communications, and why does it interest you?

There is so much opportunity for growth in a role where the industry you are working in is growing every single day. The amount of collaboration I've experienced working with this team, the ability to share ideas and insights, increases my level of interest to keep up with the industry. It's also led me to the realization that I enjoy educating family and friends on health tech outside working hours, which is a good sign.

4. What do you like most about the culture at KNB Communications?

I think it's pretty much highlighted above, but one quote I've carried with me my entire career is "if you're the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room." I find every person I work with at KNB has value that they bring to the table. Frankly, I prefer to work with people who are smarter than me.

5. If you could only use one social media platform for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

Instagram is usually my go-to on the daily. I think it's a great way to connect with friends, and collaborate/meet new people. From a business perspective, I've seen it work wonders for promoting brands.

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by Jemma Roche

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