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What to Expect at Medical Appointments for Health Tech Marketers

By Lily Tofel

As the pandemic of COVID-19 continues, doctors and hospitals are seeing fewer and fewer patients.  Social distancing encourages healthcare marketers to limit their exposure, but there are times when leaving your house is necessary, and seeing the doctor should be one of them.  For important health concerns unrelated to COVID-19, going to the doctor should not be feared.


Telemedicine Connecting Doctors With Patients

Before visiting your doctor in person, patients may schedule video calls to talk to the doctor in the safest way possible.  Doctors such as dermatologists, physical therapists, and general practitioners can perform virtual checkups to the greatest extent possible.  Conveniently, telemedicine is covered by many insurance policies.  Doctors may then decide to schedule an in-person appointment and will ask you questions regarding your health.  Additionally, patients may receive an email of a form with questions regarding any display of COVID-19 symptoms or if the patient has been in contact with someone with the virus.

In-Person Appointments

Prior to your appointment, it is likely you, as the patient, will receive instructions from the healthcare provider on what to do on the day of the appointment.  Typically, once arriving in the parking lot, it is expected to call the office upon your arrival.  Masks should also be worn once exiting the car and approaching the building.  An employee will greet you at the door of the office and take your temperature with a non-contact forehead thermometer.  After confirming a normal temperature, patients are usually given hand sanitizer, instructed to wash their hands, and/or put on gloves.  Appointments will generally be conducted as they normally would; however, bringing guests is not allowed except for children receiving medical care.

During this time, it is very important to keep your health and safety a priority.  While social distancing is highly encouraged, don’t be scared to reach out to your doctor, starting with just a phone call.  Speaking to your doctor might be more necessary for certain patients; for instance, people with health conditions that need to be monitored or patients needing prescription refills.  Staying in touch with your doctor is always important and with today’s technology, we can all be safely connected.

by Lily Tofel

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