Wellness Wednesdays: At desk self-massage

By Jemma Roche

Each Wellness Wednesday, we focus on a way to reduce stress and improve mental health for KNB's healthcare communications professionals.  We love to share our ideas (and the science behind them) with our fellow health tech marketers.

This week, our topic is an at desk self-massage. We encourage our healthcare marketing community to find a comfortable spot at their desk in an upright chair. 

In our wellness session, the team shared insightful tools to help relieve stress your neck. One way you can reduce the tension in your neck is fixing your posture. This is very important if healthcare professionals are slouching in a chair, on the couch, at a desk, etc. It's important to pay attention to that. 

Once you are sitting with good posture, you can begin to engage in an at desk self-massage. Start by focusing on the neck and using your hands to massage the back of your neck where you feel the most tension. The Director of Massage Programs at Pacific College of Health and Science, Kiera Nagle, MA, LMT, CPMT says “there are sensory receptors in the skin that send messages to our brain, signaling that it’s safe to relax.” Massages make you more aware of where in your body you’re feeling tense, so you can consciously relax those areas.

Some good spots are: the muscle at the front of your neck, your shoulders, the hinge of your jaw, and pressure points in the palm of your hand.

If you're looking for more self-massage tips, connect with us here. 

by Jemma Roche

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